Welcome to Flux BPM Online, Electronic Music Culture Magazine


Editorial update: 22-5-2016

 Welcome to  Flux BPM Online, Electronic Music Culture Magazine

"Flux BPM Online aspires  to cover as many sides of the modern Electronic Music Culture as possible with informative reviews of the finest releases, entertaining interviews with Electronic Music artists and of course all the latest news that matter along with  features worth spending some time to read them. This Online Electronic Music Culture Magazine intends to provide to the artists and record labels a convenient platform to showcase their artistic output. There is no intention for financial gain from Flux Bpm Online and all material posted is published to support the growth of Electronic Music culture and music industry.  Its highly recommended to bookmark this page and make it  your point of reference for all the latest trends and developments in  Electronic Music Culture"

Flux BPM Online, Electronic Music Culture Magazine is constantly changing and evolving. This magazine is still one man's show and I hope you appreciate all the valuable and highly precious time spend to update every section with useful information. I would love to thank you for visiting Flux BPM Online and your warm hearted support so far. Huge thanks to Google.Inc and Blogger for offering this space to communicate with like minded individuals all over the world and be creative and supportive to our favourite kind of music and the infrastructure that supports it. Unfortunately the fact that this magazine is based on a platform as Blogger means that can be offline whenever Blogger decides to do so according to their rules. You can not imagine how frustrating is to work hard for it and suddenly one day to attempt to log in your magazine and Blogger will not allow you, because according to them your magazine interfere and is against their regulations. I hope that they will keep open this space for many years and you will be able to visit Flux BPM Online daily. I have realised and gives me bitter thoughts that this place doesn't belong to me despite many hours and countless days and nights that I spent on updating it, keeping it tidy and easy to surf around. On the other hand I must highlight the fact that Blogger and Google are maintain this web space so definitely there are many hidden heroes who work hard night and day to keep online this magazine against any technical difficulties, failures and ruthless attacks so thanks to all Blogger and Google technical personnel without knowing you personally but appreciate the space you offer. 

Flux BPM Online is  divided in some very useful subsections for your convenience  in order to find your desired content quickly and easily. You can always enter your keyword at the special search section on the top of the site and the results will let you know if we include review or feature about your favourite artists or favourite album, compilation or single.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to improve the look of the site and make the valuable content easier accessible and easier to navigate to the visitors please contact us via the contact page or at the bottom of the page there is little envelope sign on it. You can click on it and the contact form will pop up. Just enter your details and "real" email address if you wish to receive a reply from us. 
Flux BPM Online is updated as often as possible so be sure to check frequently and please if you like an article or feature share it in your social networks. We do our best to review as many great tracks as possible but its not very easy cause 24 hours are never enough. Please be patient with your requests for reviews, interviews, features. All the releases reviewed on Flux Bpm Online are from official promo material that the record labels, artists, promoters, artists managers and dj agencies send to us. Unofficial or bootleg material is not supported by us.  The first people who are kept informed about new posts  are the labels, artists, press officers, PR agencies who provide the promo or help us to arrange an interview for instance. The links mentioned at the end of its post are provided from the record labels, artists, and press officers. Flux BPM Online is not responsible for the content that appear on artists web pages or facebook , twitter or  soundcloud pages. We do our best to monitor how the material from this site is reproduced on other sites but if we would like to be realistic its pretty impossible. Please whenever and wherever  you wish to reproduce material from this web space please let me know in advance.  

Don't forget to follow me on twitter and facebook as I always keep you updated for any new posts so you will not miss them. Particularly if you are record label, artist, PR agency is essential to follow Flux BPM Online to be in touch. Please if you are artist or record label re tweet any tweet message that is addressed to the label or your artists. Its sad that we invest so much time to publish an article and the label or the artist that in a way will benefit from it doesn't even retweet the message. Also the same applies for facebook if you are an artist post a link on your page for people to find out about the review, interview and feature. Its very disappointing when artists or record labels don't even post a link on their facebook or twitter about the interview that they spent time to reply on it. The attitude here is very positive and Flux BPM Online posts a review only if the track is good enough. It doesn't make sense  to publish a negative review about a certain track. At the end of the day the artist has spent time and invest emotionally on his production and I highly respect and value that so it's no ethical to publish negative comments that can add stress to them. In my opinion Flux BPM Online is here to open up the discussion and give some food for thought. Better not  forget that Music is such a subjective piece of art that every person feels, experiences and understands differently Music and particularly with Electronic Music the readings and people's responses are endless and absolutely limitless. 

Don't forget to check frequently the Mixcloud page  as there is an extensive update with brand new shows every week in order to enjoy the tracks that I include in the reviews section.  Let me know your thoughts about Flux BPM radio shows and will be great to send me your ideas about how I can improve them even more.

Important notice 1: Please Send us via the contact page or the contact form at the bottom of this page any suggestions or comments that you may have, Be Part Of It!

Important notice 2: If you notice any mistakes like wrong spelling of your name or you project let me know immediately to correct it! Also if you have any complaint about the content of any stories / reviews / interviews please send it via our contact page. If your argument is strong we can even delete them for you. It is better to contact Flux Bpm Online first hand rather than adding this web site in your list of sites that you don't like and send this grey list to Google or Blogger to take them down. There were around 4 instances that Blogger asked  to remove certain pages for reasons that I never understood and that is simply the result of the attitude of people who complain for certain story first to others without emailing Flux BPM Online first to explain their position. If you have any problems for any material published here please contact Flux BPM Online straight away to resolve it because I'm only human and not a computer so certainly mistakes can happen or may not so better have a chat about it and find a common ground. Thanks so much in advance for your co-operation. 

Many thanks for taking some time to read this updated editorial.

Keep on checking Flux BPM Online as frequently as possible with positive thoughts and openminded attitude. Electronic Music for me is all about freedom of artistic expression. Let's protect Electronic Music freedom! 

Kindest and warmest regards,

Keep on dancing and smiling. 

Dimitri Kechagias (Flux Bpm Online administrator) 

Dimitri Kechagias is music journalist specialising in the coverage of the Electronic Music Scene and its very exciting culture. For more than 20 years he delivers radio shows on various local and web based radio stations. Currently his shows Flux Bpm On The Move with trance and progressive tracks and Flux House Anthems Only with fantastic deep, electro and progressive house sounds are streamed with big success on www.1mix.co.uk. Also I'm currently researching in a PhD level the state of Electronic Music Journalism and Electronic Music Blogging. His motto: "See you on the dancefloor with my handheld camera capturing your most beautiful moments. Smile Please... Peace on Earth"!